Tuesday, 29 July 2014

'Returning the Bird' finds a home

I am thrilled that the good people at New Asian Writing have decided to publish my short story online and include it in their annual anthology, to be released at the end of this year.

To tell you the truth, and as my writers' groups will attest, I have been sitting on this baby for a while. Every time I went back to it, the story needed more and more work. So I polished and polished, put it away for months, and went back to it last week and saw exactly where it wasn't working for me. I needed more time, and I needed to be in a different frame of mind to finalise the story.

Many thanks to New Asian Writing for their prompt reply, and their constructive and incisive comments.

While 'Returning the Bird' is a work of fiction, many ex-pats will recognise certain landmarks, events, and perhaps even themselves in the story. Please enjoy my story here

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