Thursday, 27 June 2013

On a roll with new writers' group

Who said writing was a lonely occupation? Okay, so that would probably be me.. It needn't be though as I have just become part of a new historical fiction writers' group. It's small - there are just four of us - and we are all incredibly supportive, extremely knowledgeable and, of course, brutally honest with each other. Already, we have thrashed out the little things, ie, commas and hyphens to the big - structure, voice and the benefits of manuscript assessments.
Denise, Julie, John and I are all at different stages in the writing process, but I'm thrilled to report being part of this new group has given me the momentum to pick up my historical fiction writing again, as well as make some much-needed changes - changes that were necessary for me to drive forward.
I haven't forgotten my other writers' group, though. We just need different people at different times in our lives.